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Semi-Candid Natural Photography "Permission Based" TM

I use Natural Outdoor Light as much as possible.

Simply put, it's the most natural light we have.

Natural is Good. Nature is as close to Perfection

as we can Imagine  

Weddings---We Don't Do Weddings!!!

I'd rather jump off the Golden Gate Bridge!

Its not because I'm not sentimental, because

I am...or don't like \weddings, because I do...

or don't want one myself, because I might...

but they are so boring to photograph. I don't do Boring very well. Yes, I know I could get rich doing them, everyone $ays $o, but $o what? Being Rich can be Boring, I've been there and was bored. FYI, I am an Ordained Minister (a real one) and have and will perform Marriage Ceremonies but NO Wedding Photography. Doing Weddings is fun, Photographing them is boring..for me. Cannot and will not perform Divorces and Photographing one would be comically Obscene! (:-} 

I have an extremely Exciting Life!! Always have, Always will. Boring is, well, Boring. 

"Queen Mary ll Enters SF" © 2007 Neil Whitelaw/Essence Photo Arts.


$400 per day $250 per half day $100 per hour, $100 per hour minimum + post processing